Server Protection Description

♦New Server Status♦

【New Server Status】~The duration is from the “day of server opening” until the Sunday of the 14 days after. During this period, you can participate in the exclusive event of the new server.
For example: If the server opening time is 2021/6/17(Thu), after 14 days would be 2021/6/30(Thu), then the Sunday of the week is 2021/7/4(Sun), therefore the new server’s protection time is 2021/6/17(Thu) to 2021/7/4(Sun), When the server have “New Server Exclusive Event”, it can not participate other servers’ limited event.

♦ Non-new server status♦

If the server opening is 2021/6/17(Thu), then this server will enter into the non-new server state at 2021/7/5(Mon) 00:00:00, and it would no have any “New Server exclusive event”.

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