Character development guide

  • Character development:

There are four professions in Eternal Scarlet: Warrior, Magician, Archer and Knight.
Each profession has different function in the battle.

1、 Warrior: high defense, high blood, and resist damage in front row of the team.

2、Magician: High recovery, high group damage, and unique magic shield, is the role of the team to save lives and AOE damage.

3、 Archer : high single point of damage, is the role of the team’s powerful output.

4、Knight: high recovery, high dodge, team attack buff front, is the role of the support.

The attributes are inherited and iterated when the characters of the same profession are starred.

Because of the different attributes of the profession, the recommended main training characters are different for each level of players.

  • Character collection method:

Each character in the game has its own illustration and backstory. The whole background story is an epic masterpiece.

The illustrations are also drawn and colored by the top production team in Korea and Japan.

The collection can be divided into three main categories.

The first category: pushing the map to push the tower and all kinds of instance to get. So even the player does not have time, is also able to collect a large number of characters.

The second category: various activities. Eternal Scarlet’s rich activities will allow everyone to collect a large amount of resources.
This includes a large number of characters. There are also a lot of excellent characters. It is recommended that players who have time participate in it more often.

The third category: stored value to get benefits. Players will be able to make a splash here.
Almost all of the SSS characters come from here. Super high power, special effects, with exclusive artifacts !
The SSS characters can be obtained by lottery. Players can try their luck.

All characters belong these four professions. The more characters you recruit, the more powerful you are. Go ahead and collect them.