Account Binding/Switching

Eternal Scarlet uses a cross-device mechanism, so whether you are using a cell phone, computer or tablet device, you can use the account binding and switching functions to play on different devices.

Account Binding


  1. When you enter the game for the first time, you can log in through your “Google Play / Game Center” account. After entering the game, you can also bind your game account to other platforms (Google/Facebook) or set your own password through the account binding in the “User Center” of the game, and your game account will be able to log in through these methods after the binding is completed.


  1. The first time you enter the game, you will play as a “guest”. At this time, the game account is not linked to any platform and there is a risk of account loss. By clicking on the “Chick icon” on the right side of the game screen or the “Account Binding” icon in the game, you can open the Member Center interface to bind your account and avoid account loss.

2. Click “Chick Icon” or “Account Binding Icon” on the right side, you can see your game account binding status and game account ID.

3. Click on the binding platform will shows, [Apple, Facebook, Password, Google], a game account can be bound to different platforms at the same time to strengthen account security.

4. For example, you can set the password for this game account after you click it, and then you can login through this password.

5. After sending it out, successful binding will appear.

Account Switching


Choose one of the “game account with completed binding” on the account switching interface to switch accounts, and you can log in after completing the switch.


  1. Click on the chick icon on the right>Switch>Select the platform to be tied to the game account.

2. Take the scan on the far right for example, there are two choices after clicking in.

The pink phone on the left > computer: use the computer to play cell phone account, click in and a QR code shows up, and then open the Eternal Scarlet App, switch account > scan, then you can use your phone account to start playing with the computer.

The right blue computer > cell phone: use the phone to play computer account, click in and a QR Code shows up, and then open the Eternal Scarlet App, switch the account > scan, then you can use your computer account to start playing on the phone.