Multi-platform release explanation

Eternal Scarlet will be released in both “Mobile” and “H5” versions on June 24, 2021. The game has the feature of data interchange between different platforms, which allows you to download the “Mobile” version on both platforms (Google Play and App Store) or open the webpage through the H5 link to play instantly. The same account can be used to switch between platforms. The explanation of data sharing and version difference as follows.

【Switching platform login instructions】
1、 Please check your game account first: APPLE ID, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE or account registration, if none of them are bound, please choose a binding method for account binding first.
2、 Activate the game platform you want to switch (mobile game: dual platform download, H5: web link open), click “account switch” to register to continue the game on the new platform

Please click me to learn about account binding/switching:

【Related instructions for top-up service】
1、 Mobile game version: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam (Google Play Only), Indonesia and India have been opened, you can download and top-up directly through the dual platforms (Google Play, App Store).
2、 H5 version: At present, only Singapore, Malaysia and Philippine are open to use online payment for top-up. Players from other countries can still play normally in the H5 version, but they can only top-up through MYCARD or switch to the dual-platform version.

Please click here learn how to top up

Top Up Tutorial of Web version(Singapore)

Top Up Tutorial of Web version(Malaysia)

【Watch the ad to get the reward】
Only at the dual-platform (Google Play, App Store) version can participate in the “Watch Ads for Rewards” related activities, the H5 version is not available at this time.